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Samson Bartholomew

                                                                                          Tailored Tax Planning and Representation

Samson Bartholomew provides unparalleled tailored tax services to a broad range of Clients across the United States. As your licensed advisors, we are here to ensure that all of your decisions are made carefully and with your best interests as the foundation of our process. We are ready and able to serve as your representation, planner, and guide along your path to success.

Experience & Performance

Our Firm presents 25 years of experience in Taxation and Client Services. Our track record renders success where many prior to retaining our services experienced the opposite. We insert value to our Client relationship and the byproduct is continued success for all parties involved.

Relationship Results


Represented Before the  United States Taxing Authorities


In Taxes Reduced


In Tax Debt
Managed & Resolved

In the beginning, there is our Engagement Letter. This outlines our relationship and fees. In the end, there is the Tax Resolution Letter.

What are you waiting for?

IRS Income Tax Form 1040 Offer in Compromise Accepted

The Client owed the IRS $186,000.00 in Income Taxes the Offer in Compromise was accepted for $3,589.60. Now the Client owes the IRS nothing.

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IRS Employment Tax Form 941 Offer in Compromise Accepted

The Client's accountant filed the original offer proposing $15,000.00 to settle. The IRS denied, our firm was retained to represent the Client in Appeals. Needless to say, the Offer in Compromise was accepted for exactly $15,000.00. 

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IRS Levy Release

The IRS levied the business bank accounts. Sound familiar? Our services were engaged, our firm appealed the IRS action and had the levy released. As a result Client's business retained all of their funds.

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IRS Audit Reconsideration

In correcting the Client's improper tax  accounting the tax liability was reduced by over $57,000.00

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IRS Installment Agreement

Once retained the worst-case resolution will be a monthly payment that you can afford. You pay the monthly payment and either the tax will be paid or it will expire following the general ten-year statute period.

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State Tax Offer in Compromise

The Client owed $18,522.88, we settled with the State of California for $3,500.00.

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Audit Rescission

The IRS attempted to assess thousands to our Client following our petition it was agreed to rescind the pending tax balance.

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IRS Case Closure

If you cannot afford to pay the tax at the present time and do not qualify for an Offer in Compromise you still have options.

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IRS Employment Tax Form 941 Installment Agreement $1,506.00 Monthly

The business fell behind on $102,250.85 in employment taxes during trying times. Now the business is operating healthy and the IRS accepted the proposed payment based on what the business could afford. 

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Lien Discharge - Accepted Property Transactions

Many individuals believe that since they have a tax lien they are unable to purchase and/or sell real property.  This is extremely inaccurate.

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IRS Employment Tax Form 941 Installment Agreement $100.00 Monthly

The business got behind on $47,448.31 in employment taxes during trying times. Now the business is operating healthy and the IRS accepted the number we proposed $100.00 per month.

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Can't Afford to Pay Anything - No Problem

We can have your case closed temporarily by the IRS until you are able to pay, submit a request for settlement, or observe the tax collection statute expire.

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Here is what some of our Clients have to say about us!

Prior to  Gerard representing me and my wife the IRS had levied us and we owed over $31,000.00. Now we owe nothing to the IRS Gerard Castell negotiated a settlement we could afford pay on an income of only social security. He is trustworthy and cares. Thank you so much and God bless.

Greg D

Existing Tax Preparation Client
Previous Tax Debts 100% Resolved

When I hired Gerard I owed nearly $200,000.00, now I owe $21,000.00. Me answering his call was one of the luckiest days of my life. I previously paid Attornies over $40,000.00, not to mention two separate accountants. Needless to say, Gerard now handles everything for me, I am always grateful that I have him and his team to rely on.

Oscar R

Existing Tax Preparation Client
Previous Tax Debts 100% Resolved

Mr. Castell streamlined my payroll and accounting. As a result the money spent on administrative costs reduced by over $3,000.00 annually. I didn't know this could be easy.

Tapatio Mexican Grill

Existing Tax Accounting & Payroll Client
Previous Tax Debts 100% Resolved

My IRS debt was $189,000.00 the IRS accepted our $3,900.00 offer.

Rene M

Previous Tax Debts 100% Resolved

Gerard Castell reviewed my taxes and identified a shortfall in one expense category. My previous accountant omitted $55,000.00 in business expenses. Gerard's office amended my return and reduced my existing tax liability by thousands. Needless to say, he has prepared my business and family returns ever since. Do yourself a favor work with him, it is what you are missing even if you do not know it.

Jeff T

Existing Tax Preparation Client

My account filed an offer in compromise with the IRS it got denied, I hired Gerard to represent me and appeal the denial. Long story short we won in appeals and the IRS accepted exactly what I offered. Thanks again.

Ed H

Previous Tax Debts 100% Resolved

My corporation currently owes the IRS over a million dollars in unpaid employment tax, yes $1,000,000.00. Our doors are open and he is getting our accounting inline. I was hesitant after wasting over $20,000.00 on an attorney to get nowhere. Gerard has me on track and my business is open and operating, the IRS closed my case. I am forever grateful.


Existing Tax Preparation Client
Previous Tax Debts 100% Resolved

I was experiencing levies that stopped. I owed California a lot and settled with them for a little. We have to wait on a technicality on the IRS settlement. Gerard and his team are great. The service provided saved me. 

Anna S

Existing Tax Preparation Client
Previous State Tax Debts 100% Resolved

We have numerous Clients that would love to share their story. If there is a desire to speak to one of our previous or existing Clients we are happy to make that happen. The opportunity to share and provide you with the same outstanding results is yours to have. Let us begin the process by clicking the calendar icon below. You will be glad you did!



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15 Day Money Back Guarantee!

It has been our experience that the primary apprehension an individual has in retaining our services is trust. We offer a 15 day trial period where if you do not feel we are the right fit for whatever reason all paid funds are refunded. This leaves you with nothing but opportunity ahead. Once you start the process you will soon realize your controversy with the taxing authorities has ceased.